Coutts is a private bank and a wealth manager with three centuries of experience servicing the needs of our clients. Philanthropy is in our DNA. Coutts' long association with philanthropy includes the work of Angela Burdett-Coutts, one of the most progressive 19th century philanthropists. To this day, many of our clients are creators of change through their own philanthropy.


It is important to celebrate charitable giving and philanthropy at all levels. Most charities around the world are fuelled by very modest donations. Coutts focuses on helping wealthy individuals and families make a real difference to the causes and communities they care about. By researching the nature and potential of donations of $1m or more we aim to inform and inspire philanthropy.


Philanthropy, a word that means the 'love of humankind', is the giving of money, assets, time, encouragement or expertise to create positive change. It is driven by people’s passions, values and interests, or by their concerns about issues close to home or in distant communities. The term philanthropy tends to be associated with giving that is strategic, deliberate and significant in scale.


We understand that wealth means more than money. The Coutts Institute provides specialist advice to our clients about philanthropy, wealth succession and family business. We also host Forums for Philanthropy where clients hear from the world's leading philanthropists, and we produce practical guides and insights to inspire and strengthen philanthropy.

We’ve won several awards for our philanthropy services, including: Winner: Philanthropy Team of the Year – The STEP Private Client Awards 2013; Highly Commended: Outstanding Philanthropy Offering – Private Banker International 2013 and 2015; Winner: Outstanding Philanthropy Offering – Private Banker International 2010, 2011, 2012.